My Weight Loss Goals

A few days ago, I wrote about setting a weight loss goal and setting intermediary weight goals. Today, I it’s time to talk about my specific weight loss goals. I started this journey at 412.4 pounds and want to end it weighing less than 175 pounds. I’d love to be there by my 47th birthday next October, but realize I might need until the end of 2020 to reach that final goal.

Below is my optimistic plan. I know that my personality needs to feel the pressure to complete a task or I will procrastinate. Based on the calorie deficit I need to maintain to achieve each goal, I feel I have a good chance of succeeding. If not, I am going to prepare to spend til the end of 2020 to get to under 175 pounds. You can follow my progress here.

Date Days Until Lbs. Weight Total Calories Cal/Day
10/7/19 67 47.6 365 166,600 2,487
1/2/20 87 50 315 175,000 2,398
4/13/20 102 60 255 210,000 2,059
7/4/20 82 40 215 140,000 1,708
10/7/20 95 40 175 140,000 1,474