It’s Time To Get Serious About My Weight

Time To Get Serious About My Weight

Enough Is Enough

I’ve had enough. Enough of being overweight. Enough of struggling to walk even short distances. Enough of eating to the point where I’m more than stuffed – miserable in fact. I’ve had enough of this unhealthy lifestyle. It’s time to get serious about my weight!

Sure, I’ve been saying this every few weeks or months for more years than I care to remember – but I turn 47 in 3 months and I’m running out of time. I want to still be young enough to enjoy my newfound body. I want to still be young enough to enjoy the outdoors and travel. So, this time it’s going to work! It simply must.

You see, I’ve been obese my whole life. I love to eat high calorie foods and I hate to exercise. As is typical with people who start gaining weight, the more I gain, the less I move around. This leads to even faster weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle that ends today.

I've Done This Before

That all changed in 2006, when I began an intense diet and exercise routine and lost almost 200 pounds – half my body weight! Honestly, it didn’t seem that difficult back then. Every day, I would wake up and weigh myself only to be down another fraction of a pound. That motivated me to exercise harder and eat less calories. By the time I was under 175 pounds, I was working out 3 hours a day and still eating over 1,000 calories less than I was burning.

But, the weight came back with a vengeance! I had reached my goal weight and lost interest in the challenge of improving myself. And before I knew it, sugary goodness, my love of the couch and the stress of living took its toll. Before I knew it, I was back above 350 pounds and spiraling out of control.

And I'll Do It Again

Since that time in 2007, I have made numerous attempts to lose the weight and regain my fit self. None of them have been very successful. And so today I begin my next AND FINAL weight loss attempt! Wish me luck.