Diet Week 1 Review

I am impressed with how well my diet is going this time. I have not had this great of a week 1 in probably 5 years. That effort lasted just under two months and I lost about 35 pounds. This past week, I have lost 5.8 pounds, managed to not eat anything I would regret later and began exercising. I feel amazed at how well things are going.


  • Kept to my diet plan for the most part
  • Exercised daily
  • Lost weight every day
  • I have more energy - not sleeping as much as I was
  • My body is starting to feel a little better and I want to exercise more


  • The last two days I have eating more than I would have liked due to increased hunger
  • At times, I feel like I want to take a day off from exercising as my body is too sore

Success Brings Success

My success so far is helping me to realize future success. For example, today I really wanted a good lunch. We all know there are no “good” diet meals, so I’m talking about going off-diet. I had an Outback Steakhouse salad for lunch yesterday and really, really do not want another salad for lunch today.  But I’ve been so successful with my dieting this past week, that I really want to stay focused on this diet. I have a lot of goals to achieve and I don’t have a lot of cushion to not remain laser-focused on my diet and exercise. So, I went to Jason’s Deli for a lunch salad. It’s amazing how just a few days of intense, hard work can pay off. Success really does bring more success.

I Need To Remain Cautious

I’m ahead of schedule on reaching my weight goals and this is leading me to feel like maybe I could take a cheat meal. Although I would love to take a meal off and just pig out, there are several issues with doing that and I must be careful.

First, my entire weight loss goal is spread out over a consistent daily calorie deficit. As I lose weight, my body won’t burn as many calories as it did at higher weights. It takes more energy to move 400 pounds than it does to move 350 pounds. I offset some of that calorie loss to the fact that I expect to be exercising more as I lose weight, but the majority of those calories I anticipated would be from losing more at the beginning of each goal and tapering off toward the end. So, I need to store my current calorie deficits in a “bank” to be used later when I have lost more weight and still need to maintain my daily calorie deficit.

Second, I am afraid that if I take to the good life again, I may stop the diet. It’s happened to me time and time again. Old habits return and my Friday lunch pizza turns into a Saturday pig-out session only to never return to the diet. Or, my Saturday night sugar-fest reminds me how much I love cookies, cake and ice cream. And that love is enjoyed over and over again.

Finally, I don’t have as strong a desire to eat those foods. My cravings seem to be going away and that is a good thing. Sure, I could pound my face with french fries and ice cream, but when I think about doing that, my mind shifts to all the hard work I have put into getting where I am now. Is that plate of fries really worth the extra time I would need to spend on the bike or in the pool? Is it worth putting my goals in jeopardy? I’m doing really well right now and am ahead of timeline for reaching my goals. I’ll stick with my game plan.

It’s clear that I still have things I can improve on – more exercise, lowering my calorie intake, drinking more water – but I have definitely made an impressive start to my diet. Wish me luck as I enter week 2 of my diet.