5 Tricks To Overcome Hunger When You Are Dieting

I’m beginning to hate weekends. Because I am not in the office for 8 hours, my schedule is thrown off. This leads to more free time to think about eating and how hungry I am. Until I can create a new weekend schedule, I’m going to have to develop some tools to overcome my hunger. Here are 5 tools I use to help overcome my hunger and remain on my diet.

Drink Lots Of Water

I’ve learned that a lot of the time, when I think I am hungry or just want something to eat, I’m actually thirsty. My cravings tend to be more toward moist foods like cake, ice cream, etc to satisfy that thirst. By grabbing a tall glass of ice cold water, I have found that I’m able to remove my hunger without eating. And by drinking more, I am able to keep my stomach full and reduce the true hunger pains.

How Hungry Are You?

Think of a food that you would only eat if you were truly hungry. I’m not talking about foods that you won’t eat no matter what – like broccoli or cauliflower.. yuck! I’m talking about foods you don’t want to eat – like soup, carrots, yogurt, whatever food makes you hate dieting. For me, that’s a salad with lite Italian dressing. I keep some in my refrigerator just in case I get hungry. When I want something delicious to eat, I ask myself, “Am I hungry enough to eat this salad?” This helps me determine if I should really eat something or if I should force myself to eat my salad.


Rather than consuming more calories, why not burn off some? When I want to eat something, but have used all my calories for the day, I talk myself into exercising so I can earn more calories for the day. It helps burn some time, makes me appreciate the work I’ve put into my diet already and more often than not, leaves me uninterested in eating additional food as I’m too exhausted to cook something.

Stay Busy

Boredom leads to me fantasizing about food. I need to be doing something and a nice time filler is grabbing something to eat and camping out on the couch. It’s why I am much better at sticking to my schedule during the week. I’m usually swamped with work and meetings and don’t have time to figure out how hungry I am.

Turn Off The TV

My television is the root of all evil. I have a habit of eating when certain shows come on or finding a show on Netflix to watch when I am eating. It’s led to me associating food with watching tv. When I’m hungry, I’ve found one of the best things to do is turn off the tv and find something else to do.