It’s Time To Get Serious About My Weight

Time To Get Serious About My Weight

Enough Is Enough Follow My Progress My Diary My Meal Pics My Food Vault Today I Shall Day 1 Starting Weight Current Weight Total Lost Calories Burned Calories Consumed Calorie Diff 406.8 lbs. 406.8 lbs. 0.0 lbs. I’ve had enough. Enough of being overweight. Enough of struggling to walk even short distances. Enough of eating […]

How to Set Weight Loss Goals

Setting realistic weight loss goals is crucial to any diet. If you set them too high and miss them, you may abandon your diet. Why struggle as hard as you are working and give up eating sweets if you are not seeing the progress you wanted? If you set your weight loss goals too low […]


What are SMART goals?  How many times have you failed at reaching your weight goals? If you are like me, a lot more than you want to count. Sure, I start off with lofty goals and can remain excited about them for few days or maybe a week. But then comes the inevitable point where […]

The First Thing I Do When I Stop Dieting…

Is To Stop Weighing Myself Every Morning When I was working hard to lose my weight in 2006, I weighed myself twice a day – once as soon as I woke up and again before I ate supper. I wouldn’t compare my evening weigh-in to my morning one – instead, I compared it to the […]

How Did I End Up Like This?

How Did I End Up Like This

Twelve and a half years ago, I was on top of the world. I had just finished a year of my life that led me to do things I never thought I would accomplish. I had lost almost 200 pounds and was feeling amazing. I was working out several times a day and eating healthy […]

My Starting Numbers

My Starting Numbers

Measurement Mine Normal Weight 419.2 lbs. Body Fat > 60% Blood Pressure 125/84 A1C 6.0 < 5.7 Fasting Blood Glucose 106 < 100 Cholesterol 211 100-199 Triglycerides 186 0-149 HDL Cholesterol 51 > 39 VLDL Cholesterol Cal 37 5-40 LDL Cholesterol Cal 123 0-99 T. Chol/HDL Ratio 4.1 0.0-0.5 I wanted to get a baseline […]

My Knee

Tarb's knee 2014

For everyone who doesn’t know already, I have a destroyed left knee. Most of the cartilage has been stripped out. This leads to a lot of bone on bone grinding when I walk and the occasional slipping of my knee out of the socket. To add to the problem is that I am massively obese […]